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About the skylights

Sun is always the best medicine

Light has always had an irreplaceable role in the evolution of life, ever since the biblical saying “Let there be light”. All major ancient cultures (Egyptians, Greeks, Romans …) used sunlight for healing purposes. Until 120 years ago most people worked outside. However, our current way of life forces us to spend on average up to 90 % of our time indoors, where there is less natural sunlight than is required.

Why has natural sunlight always been so important for us?

  • better mental well-being
  • more energy
  • better mood and focus
  • less eyestrain and burning eyes
  • better learning ability
  • higher vitamin D production and better metabolism

Our skylights offer a solution for you to stay indoors without being deprived of beneficial effects of natural sunlight, thus preventing potential health problems resulting from a lack of natural sunlight.

You are saving the environment and your money

Thanks to the long service life of our skylights, the ecological and economic benefits dramatically exceed the energy intensity of their production. With each installed skylight you are making a major contribution to the protection of our planet’s environment.

You will be protecting the environment and your health and you will be saving your money.

Once the skylight is installed, there is no needed for:

  • any service
  • any replacement of bulbs
Natural sunlight forever.